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Around May 2008, Hwang Mi Hee was at the Seoul Auto Salon 2008 where she collected an award.


  • About Hwang Mi Hee

    Hwang Mi Hee (황미희)
    Born: January 2, 1982
    Body size: 174cm / 34-24-34 / 245mm

    Hwang Mi Hee is a very popular Korean race queen and model who is ranked #2 on the 11th MissDica's Top 40 Race Queens in Korea.

    She is also the hottest Korean girl alive.

    Common synonyms for her name include Huang Mi Hee and Hang Mi Hee
  • Recent Events

    Hwang Mi Hee was recently at SAS 2008 in July 2008. Other notable events were Nikon DIGITAL LIVE 2008 and the Seoul Auto Salon 2008.
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